dCS ROSSINI Network Player and DAC

果然不出所料,在新一代旗艦Vivaldi 發表後,dCS 其他的產品將進行改款,運用Vivaldi 上的技術,不過意外的是dCS 先推出的是屬於入門的系列Rossini。目前發表的有Rossini Network Player 與
DAC 兩台型號,外觀與Vivaldi 設計相當一致。Rossini DAC 幾乎擁有所有的數位介面,包括了USB 與網路,而且能支援TIDAL、SPOTIF?Y、Deezer 等音樂串流。Rossini Player 則能播放CD 唱片,兩台都使用了dCS 最新的數位處理平台及Ring DACTM技術。Rossini Player 雖然無法播放SACD,但可以透過Dual AES 接收來自Vivaldi 等其他轉盤的DSD 訊號進行播放。Rossini 擁有數位音控可以直接連接後級使用。據說未來可能還會推出Rossini Clock。


dCS is proud to announce its new Rossini series – designed to make superb sounding digital music from any source more easily accessible. A premium-priced complete digital front end that replaces Puccini in the dCS range, it comes in two versions – the £15,000 Rossini DAC and £18,000 Rossini Player; setting the new performance standard for single-box digital systems.

Rossini DAC features an array of digital audio inputs and is able to stream music from NAS drives and streaming services such as TIDAL™, Spotify™ and Deezer™ over Ethernet, from Apple devices via Airplay™, and audio via industry-standard USB, AES and S/PDIF digital inputs. Rossini Player adds an integral, high quality Compact Disc transport for silver disc playback. Designed for flexibility and ease of use without compromise, both DAC and Player deliver excellent performance by using the very latest dCS Digital Processing Platform and Ring DACTM technology, originally developed for the flagship Vivaldi series. Rossini uses a new streamlined processing platform – its single FPGA bringing improved signal processing, superior flexibility and effectively future-proofing the Rossini series.

Rossini has a brand new user interface, plus a custom control app that lets listeners manage their music playback experience from any source in an elegantly simple way – accessing CD, iRadio, digital and UPnP sources all from one control point. The Rossini app also features an intuitive install and configuration wizard. The multi-stage oversampling design offers optional DSD upsampling plus an extensive selection of DSP filters to suit individual taste and music type. The Rossini Player’s CD mechanism does not support SACD, but SACD data can be played via Dual AES output from dCS Vivaldi, Scarlatti or Paganini Transports.

The network streaming functionality within Rossini DAC and Player is unparalleled in terms of processing power and jitter performance, and currently runs at up to 24-bit, 384kS/s and DSD128 supporting all major lossless codecs, DSD in DOP format and native DSD.

Rossini utilises the simple yet highly effective dCS auto clocking system, which minimises jitter and improves sound quality significantly. British designed and made to the highest standards, Rossini’s elegant chassis uses aerospace-grade machined aluminium with internal acoustic damping panels to reduce sound-degrading mechanical vibration and magnetic effects. Multi-stage power regulation is employed, with twin mains transformers to isolate the analogue, digital and clock circuitry.

Rossini features an enhanced digital volume control for use as a digital preamp with variable output straight into a power amplifier, or as a fixed-level source component. As with all dCS products, Rossini’s firmware can be easily updated via CD, USB or the new software download and update functionality, to add new features or improve performance over its lifetime.

Expected late August 2015. Check with dCS for specific ship dates for your order.

• dCS Rossini DAC (£15,000), dCS Rossini Player (£18,000)
• brand new, latest generation dCS Digital Processing Platform
• dCS Ring DACTM, as used in flagship Vivaldi digital playback system
• plays audio via UPnP, asynchronous USB, Apple AirplayTM, AES, BNC and S/PDIF digital inputs, and from CD (Rossini Player)
• multi-stage oversampling design with optional DSD upsampling; user-selectable DSP and DSD filters
• auto-clocking system improves ease of use and minimises jitter
• multi-stage power regulation and twin mains transformers
• firmware-upgradeable for future functionality and performance upgrades

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