FURUTECH LAN-7 Category 7 (STP/ Class F) 高速乙太網路線

日本Furutech發表了最新一款的高速乙太網路線LAN-7,符合Category 7 (STP/ Class F) 規格,提供了目前最高速的訊號傳輸能力,以滿足High End數位串流玩家的高標準要求。LAN-7採用「遮蔽式雙絞線」(Shielded Twisted Pair, STP) 結構,共有8股導體,兩兩一組絞繞後再施以1層的絕緣與3層的屏蔽,屏蔽材質使用了對隔離噪訊最有效的鋁箔及銅網。導體方面採用鍍銀單結晶銅 , 並施予Furutech專利的 α (Alpha) OCC 超導處理,以確保最完美的訊號傳輸。


Category 7不僅可向下與Category 5e及Category 6相容,且特性改進許多,Category 7比Category 6擁有更好的屏蔽設計,進一步降低線材與系統產生的可能干擾與串音(crosstalk),Category 7也強化了對RF的阻隔效果。Category 7在超過100M仍然有10 Gigabit的傳輸速度,頻寬高達600 MHz。

LAN-7所使用的RJ45(8P8C) 端子也相當講究,為Furutech無磁24K鍍金的銅合金所製成,LAN-7目前供應的標準長度有0.6M/1.2M/1.8M/2.5M/3.6M/5M,若有需要其他長度也可以訂製。




Furutech LAN-7官方原文特點介紹
· The LAN-7 is a beautifully engineered and built Category 7 STP twisted pair cable for Ethernet and other high-speed signal transfer.
· Category 7 is backward compatible with Categories 5e and 6. It also features improved specifications for crosstalk and system noise than Category 6a with added shielding for each individual wire pair and the cable as a whole. Besides the additional shielding, the LAN-7 features twisted pairs with the number of twists per unit length increasing RF shielding and protecting from crosstalk.
· Category 7 cable allows 10 Gigabit Ethernet over 100m and frequencies of up to 600 MHz.
· Main conductor wire: 24 AWG Silver plated α (Alpha) OCC conductor for minimal transmission loss.
· RJ45(8P8C) Connector: α (Alpha) non-magnetic 24k Gold-plated conductor with 24k Gold-plated copper alloy body that has minimal  magnetic properties.
· 3 Layered Shielding with superior noise isolation aluminum foil and copper braiding.
· The best damping and insulation materials for improved frequency extension and tonal balance
· Jacket: 84A UL/CL2 approved flammability grade; RoHS Compliant Flexible PVC (Black). OD: 7.0±0.15mm approx.
· Production Lengths: 0.6M/1.2M/1.8M/2.5M/3.6M/5M other sizes by request.


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