Ghost In The Shell OST 黑膠大碟

攻殼特勤隊 OST 黑膠,這張是朋友推介給我的Ghost In The Shell OST 黑膠大碟,全碟十首歌,動態極大.發燒友必買之選 ^.^





Reissued for the first time on vinyl.

The Vinyl debut of the Soundtrack from “Ghost In The Shell” by Kenji Kawai.
180 gram vinyl
Limited pressing
Single Lp
On Black vinyl
First ever Reissue

Composer Kenji Kawai was chosen to recreate the futuristic cyber-punk atmosphere that emanates from the ‘Ghost In The Shell’ manga, into music. Assisted by the percussionist Yuhki Sugawara, Kenji Kawai reached the summit of his art by delivering captivating music, halfway between ambient electronics, traditional Japanese music and Buddhist ritual singings.

The synthetic and ethereal soundscapes, almost disturbing, blend perfectly with gongs, bells or female choirs filled with echoes. The listener is plunged into a dreamlike fable sound with a striking and evocative poetry that is reminiscent of the soundtrack of a certain Akira.

M01 謡I – Making Of Cyborg 4:28
M02 Ghosthack 5:14
EXM Puppetmaster 4:21
M04 Virtual Crime 2:41
M05 謡II – Ghost City 3:34
M06 Access 3:16
M07 Nightstalker 1:44
M08 Floating Museum 5:05
M09 Ghostdive 5:52
M10 謡III – Reincarnation 5:44
Bonus Track 挿入歌 毎天見一見! 3:26

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