HiFiMAN MegaMini(含Color版)新韌體發佈

HiFiMAN MegaMini/MegaMini Color新韌體發布,韌體版本:2017-07-25V006,本次升級優化了:1、兼容exFAT格式TF卡;2、升級為該版本韌體後,exFAT、FAT32文件系統TF卡均可用於升級系統;3、取消設置選項下格式化外置卡功能,完全避免誤刪歌曲;4、優化更新媒體庫功能,體驗提升。


3、將TF卡插入機器並重啟播放器,屆時會顯示“固件升級中,請勿操作”(Firmware Upgrading,Please do not operate)提示信息,耐心等待即可;


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Megamini Firmware Update
HIFIMAN is pleased to announce a new firmware update 2017-07-27V006 for the MegaMini is now available.To download, please go to: http://down.hifiman.com/megamini/v006/hmmegafw.img

What’s new:
1. Both exFAT and FAT32 formats are now compatible with the updated firmware, making it easier to use with large capacity cards.
2. As you no longer need to use FAT32 only, even for larger cards the need for the flayer to “Format SD” into FAT32 itself has been removed.
3. A more snappy and optimized media library update.

How to perform the firmware update:
1. Connect the SD card to the PC/Mac; the card should be in FAT32 format. Please also make sure the player has a good amount of charge remaining before starting.
2. Copy the downloaded file HMMINIFW.IMG to the root directory of the SD card. That means directly on to the card, not inside any folders. Do not change the name of the file.
3. Insert the SD card into the player and reboot the player. You will be prompted “Firmware Upgrading. Please do not operate” on the screen. Please wait to proceed. This will take a few minutes and must not be interrupted. We suggest go make a cup of tea and it should be complete by the time you return.
4. The player will reboot itself once the update is complete.
5. The file HMMINIFW.IMG will have been deleted automatically after the upgrade is completed.
6. You may now use your player as normal, leaving the card in FAT32 or you can reformat first to exFAT before filling with music.

If you encounter any problem installing this firmware, please contact HIFIMAN customer service at [email protected]

Please note: The MegaMini currently supports SD card up to 256GB. Compatible file formats are now exFAT and FAT32.

Happy listening.

HiFiMAN: http://www.hifiman.com/

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