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Playback Designs 是一家 Digital Audio with Analog Performance Hi-End Manufacture. 命名的由來, 有個笑話, 就是當初Andreas 和他的夥伴是一起從 Emmlabs 出來的, 將來會 Playback 這當然說的是笑話一則, 有一個很重要的因素是網路時代, 沒有一個好叫又好記的 Domain Name 是無法在全球 ” 走跳 ” 的啦, 所以他們遍尋網域, 終於找到了 PLAYBACK DESIGNS。Andreas Koch 是位十足的工程技術人員, 談話講解都比較嚴肅些, 不過卻很親切啦。

Playback Designs 設計機器的哲學, FILTER 只用六個最簡單的元件, 把所有的設計極簡化, 也不作音量的放大, 劣化音質, 相對於 Emmlabs 的複雜設計, 測量上數據會比較好, 但是在音樂的感染力上, Playback 表現會更佳


Q: Why USB DAC is DSD 6.1MHz, not DSD 5.6MHz?

A: 錄音室的規格是48K, 而非成品的44.1K, 所以計算如下
44.1K x 128 = 5.6 Mega
48K x 128 = 6.1 MegaHz

Q: For Mac user, how do you solve the problem that the OS Lion is not supported DSD ?
A: 在六個月前, 已經訂定的DOP(DSD OVER PCM) 的業界標準, 所以不久的將來, Lion 或是新的OS 都將完整的支援 DSD(其實他的說法是已經可以支援了)

Q: From Wiki: the performance DSD 2.8MHz is close to the PCM 20/96, so how about the DSD 5.8MHz, the best digital format? If we don’t consider the file size, 24/384 vs DSD 5.6, which one is better?

A: Andreas 已以下的這張圖來回答

Q:As we know, even in the high end market , SACD is not so popular to replace CD, all the sales of physical music is rapidly down. Most audiophiles still listen to CD as their main music source. On the other side, the true high resolution recording is rare in the music industry, even they use high resolution format, PCM is still the main format, only a few record company use DSD to recording. (DSD 5.6MHz? very rare in the market) The DSD files download is so rare.
Good music and good recording decided the market, not the “format”.
But use the best format to do the good recording and music is the best answer for audiophiles.
What’s your opinion about the future role of DSD in High End industry?

A: SACD 的主要市場在於日本和歐陸, 但是成本太高, CD的規格是16/44.1, SACD 有兩種規格, 如果不討論載體的方式, 只要求符合Hi-END audiophile 的想法與聽感, 也許高解析檔案的下載才是未來之路

Q: As we know, Playback, Emmlabs, dCS are the leaders in High End Audio to use DSD technology, what’ s your differences? What’s the Playback ?

A: dCS 我不是知道的很清楚, Emmlabs 的技術是比較早就成形了, Emmlabs, Playback —-> DSD –> (Direct) –> Analog, 但是這三家都不是用公用機版, 而是自己設計機版, 自行撰寫韌體

Q: Why is there no standby botton on your products? Do I need to switch off the power if am not at home for 3 days?

A: Simplify is the best design. 所以我的設計上倾向於不設計開關, 但是如果長時間不使用機器的話(三天以上)您可以考慮關機, 但是不關機也沒關係, 只因為電容是會乾掉的.

Q: the ideal of next product?

A: Will announce in next CES show. And I would like to design A to D converter, maybe till finished the next product.

Q: Will you have DSD 5.6MHz recording in the near future?

A: No, recording is the professional studio’s job.

Q: CAN MPD-3 upgrade a transport for SACD ? (Question by Dr. Huang)

A: Our factory no plan to do the upgrade, Maybe he can buy a new MPS-5 (Laugh..). The best comment is to buy a PS3 60GB with OLD Version Firmware to rip SACD.

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